Awakened to the Impossible

Keith Smith Feb 25, 2017

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky! I dream about it every night and day…okay maybe not! But there was a time once, not too long ago that I really wanted to experience being a pilot and flying. My desire to fly started when I was a child. I remember my grandfather telling me stories about his experience as a Tuskegee Airman and the exhilarating rush of flying. My grandfather’s stories awakened a deep desire in me to fly.

I wonder if my experience with my grandfather is similar to what Enoch experienced when talking to his great, great, great, great, great grandfather. I was amazed when I discovered that Adam was still alive during Enoch’s life. As a matter of fact Enoch’s first 308 years were lived while Adam was alive.

Just like any grandfather would do, I’m sure Adam told stories to his grandchildren. And I’m pretty sure one of the grandchildren’s favorite stories was one that was bittersweet to Adam. I could hear them asking Adam; “grandpa tell us again what it was like in the garden!” I could imagine Adam telling them about naming the animals or when he woke up from a long night next to this beautiful woman! But then I could imagine a solemn silence as Adam reminisced about the times when God would meet him in the cool of the day and walk with him. I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye at this point of the story.

Maybe to most of the family this was just grandpa talking about the good old days. But for Enoch these stories awakened something in his heart. For Enoch these were more than just old stories but an invitation to encounter the God that walked with grandpa. At the age of 65 Enoch began to walk with God and for 300 years they walked together. God found a man that hungered for more, that wasn’t content to just hear stories of the good old days. God found a man He could share His secrets with.

Enoch prophesied the coming flood through the naming of his son, Methuselah which means “at his death, it comes.” And the year Methuselah died the flood came. Enoch prophesied the second coming of Jesus before he even came the first time (Jude 14, 15). Enoch was way ahead of his time. So much so I believe God took him to be with Him.

What stories are you listening to? What part of history awakens something in your heart? We were meant for more! Are these just stories of the good old days? Or maybe there’s something more happening; maybe that burning in your heart is an invitation from God to encounter Him in ways you never imagined possible!