Core Values

Gateway’s culture is guided by these 12 core values

The vision must not only survive, but thrive. Our Core Values help serve as a guide to fulfill the vision of Gateway. The things that we value set the tone for how we do life at Gateway. These values are a map that gives us direction, helps us make decisions, and helps us interpret life.

  • God is good - God's nature can be summed up by His love and goodness. He is always faithful and always in a good mood!
  • Culture of Honor - Looking and drawing out the treausre in others. Celebrating who someone is without stumbling over who they're not. 
  • Passionate Worship - Worship is not just about singing a song. Worship is pasionately living a surrendered life because you have been so completely loved by God.
  • Community - Belonging is a core need. A part of the good news of the kingdom is that we are a part of God's family – sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.
  • Revival Culture - The presence of God is priority in everything we do. Seeking first the kingdom and demonstrating it's power.
  • Authenticity - Our Identity is rooted in Christ. When we truly know who God created us to be we'll never want to be anyone else.
  • Culture of Excellence - A culture that encourages you to be the best "You", you could be. Perfectionism is religion, excellence is kingdom.
  • Generosity - Finances, time, gifts, etc. Living from an abundance mindset, we freely give generously.
  • Culture of Hope - Living with the expectation that good things are coming.
  • Becoming like a child - Innocence, joy, wonder, belief, dreamers, humility - Spiritual maturity is growing up to become like children. (Mat 18:1, 2)
  • Reformation in society/Justice - Loving and transforming culture. Being salt, light and leaven.  
  • Renaissance Creativity (Wisdom) - Being sons and daughters of the creator, we were also born to create. Demonstrating the beauty and innovation of heaven.