Keith & Mia Smith
Founders & Senior Leaders

Leadership Team

Jeff & Angie Baer
Worship Directors
Amazing couple with a heart for worship.
John Miller
Associate Pastor
Pastor John and Helen served as lead Pastors for 29 years. God has given him a fathers heart for the church and it's leaders. He carries an evangelistic anointing, and operates in the supernatural, seeing many miracles of healing. His passion is for marketplace ministry, employing his business skills, wisdom, and humor to impact people for Jesus. John and Helen have the gift of hospitality, making people feel welcome in the kingdom and in their home with warm fellowship and Helen's good home cooking. They have 6 children and 5 grandchildren.
Scott & Lin Hochstedler
Family Life Pastors
Scott and Linette serve Gateway Church as Family Life Pastors with a passion to see people come to healing and wholeness through the power of Jesus and live out their God designed purpose in supernatural abundance. Scott grew up as a farm boy in Iowa. His children, all five of them, have heard many a story which began,” When I was a little boy at home on the farm…” They love his stories! Linette, born in Ohio, grew up in Florida. Between the two of them have lived in 7 different states, but have lived in Ohio the longest, 26 years! Scott’s core value of safety mixed with Lin’s core value of freedom make them a well balanced team. Scott’s favorite color is blue or black. Linette likes orange and red. They both like green.

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