Keith & Mia Smith
Founders & Senior Leaders

Leadership Team

Scott & Lin Hochstedler
Family Life Pastors
Scott and Linette serve Gateway Church as Family Life Pastors with a passion to see people come to healing and wholeness through the power of Jesus and live out their God designed purpose in supernatural abundance. Scott grew up as a farm boy in Iowa. His children, all five of them, have heard many a story which began,” When I was a little boy at home on the farm…” They love his stories! Linette, born in Ohio, grew up in Florida. Between the two of them have lived in 7 different states, but have lived in Ohio the longest, 26 years! Scott’s core value of safety mixed with Lin’s core value of freedom make them a well balanced team. Scott’s favorite color is blue or black. Linette likes orange and red. They both like green.

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