Our Mission and Vision


Gateway’s mission is to be a powerful and vibrant community of believers filled with hope, joy and wonder who experience the intimacy and presence of a good God, love the world and influence culture with the beauty and power of the kingdom; transforming our city, region, nation and the nations.


I imagine Gateway as a radiant lighthouse of hope, a lively community of believers of all ages from diverse backgrounds and cultures who are so passionately in love with God that they risk everything to be a living expression of His love in the earth.

I imagine Gateway as a center of celebration and joy where sounds of praise and worship are continually released around the clock creating an atmosphere of expectancy where kingdom downloads and creative expressions of Heaven are accessed.

I imagine Gateway as a faith-filled center of freedom and healing where the impossible becomes possible.

I imagine Gateway as a strategic training center that empowers and equips believers to discover their identity, fully access their inheritance, fulfill their destiny and live naturally supernatural lifestyles.

I imagine Gateway as an action center that will launch and oversee marketplace projects that influence, add value and shape culture.

I imagine Gateway as a visible expression of the Father heart of God, being the hands and feet of Jesus.