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Are you "Fully Awake"?  Join Pastor Keith as he explores how sleep vs wakefulness just might adjust your perspective.
08/ Sep 2019
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Is there room for doubt in your faith?  Join Pastor Keith as he explores this crucial question.
01/ Sep 2019
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Join Wendall as he talks about "Living God's Plan".  He knew you in your mother's womb, and had a plan.  Are you seeking to walk it out? Stick around til the end for some good foundational thoughts from Angie and Chuck.
25/ Aug 2019
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Join Pastor Keith as he talks about safety and security. Peter walked on water once - and then a second opportunity to "Get out of the Boat". With some introductory comments from Jeff Baer about these current days.
18/ Aug 2019
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Join Pastor Keith for a reminder: He Loves us ALL.
11/ Aug 2019
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Join Vicki as she discusses the shipwrecks of our lives. What does God want you to do with yours in this season?
04/ Aug 2019
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In the chaos of today, foundations are important. Join Pastor Scott as he encourages us to "Remember These Things".
28/ Jul 2019
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Join Pastor Keith and a panel of speakers as they share recollection of the "Jessus People" movement of the 60s and 70s. The good, the bad, and the not so pretty - but Jesus changes lives.
21/ Jul 2019
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Wendall Martin shares some thoughts on the Great Commission. 
14/ Jul 2019
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This week Pastor Keith considers "The Fulfillment of Love".
07/ Jul 2019
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