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Join Vicki as she discusses the shipwrecks of our lives. What does God want you to do with yours in this season?
04/ Aug 2019
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In the chaos of today, foundations are important. Join Pastor Scott as he encourages us to "Remember These Things".
28/ Jul 2019
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Join Pastor Keith and a panel of speakers as they share recollection of the "Jessus People" movement of the 60s and 70s. The good, the bad, and the not so pretty - but Jesus changes lives.
21/ Jul 2019
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Wendall Martin shares some thoughts on the Great Commission. 
14/ Jul 2019
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This week Pastor Keith considers "The Fulfillment of Love".
07/ Jul 2019
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Are you afraid of Abandonment? Jesus promised that he would never leave us. Join Pastor Keith as he talks about our union inChrist and with one another.
30/ Jun 2019
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Join Pastor Keith as he discusses our inclusion in the relational dance of love between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The earyl church called this relationship of the Godhead perichoresis. 
23/ Jun 2019
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Are you Listening?  Join Pastor Keith Smith as he explores what you might (and might not) hear. As followers of Jesus, we have a responsibility to listen and minister to the needs of the hurting, broken, marginalized, and oppressed.
16/ Jun 2019
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Join Pastor Keith this Pentecost Sunday as he discusses how the "Feast of the Harvest" is the key.
09/ Jun 2019
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Join Pastor Keith as he discusses the need for the Church to unified, despite our differences.
02/ Jun 2019
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