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Join Pastor Keith as he continues his series: "A Journey of the Heart". Part 3 this week explores "Looking into Darkness".
03/ Mar 2019
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The recovered Part 2 of Pastor Keith's series - "A Journey of the Heart"
24/ Feb 2019
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Join Pastor Scott as he talks about "Denying yourself and taking up your cross". With some introductory comments from Pastor Keith. 
10/ Feb 2019
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Join Pastor Keith as he discusses the "Veil" and what's behind it.
03/ Feb 2019
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Fear not! .... fear God... Confused? Join Pastor Keith as he explores this apparent contradiction that drives some people - "Up the Wall".
27/ Jan 2019
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Patient, contemplative, sensitive.  Simeon and Anna spend "Just Another Day in the Temple" as just another couple bring just another baby... Join Pastor Keith as he explores "Just Another Day...". One that was like no other.  Will you be able to notice? 
13/ Jan 2019
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Abraham, Moses, David... All men of God. Yet, John declares "NO ONE" has seen God.  Join Pastor Keith as he begins a New Year contemplating - Why? and what does that imply?
06/ Jan 2019
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Ever wonder who "us" is anyways?  Join Pastor Keith as he delves into exactly WHO God is with anyways.
30/ Dec 2018
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Join Pastor Keith as he remembers that little town of Bethlehem... perhaps the "other" side we too often forget.
23/ Dec 2018
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